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BookBub Feature Spotlight

I'm extremely excited to announce that Under Another Sun has been selected from numerous titles for a spotlight feature promotion on June 12. What does that mean?

Bookbub will promote my book to over 15 million readers, and I'll make my ebook only 99 cents for that day!

When Inside received a highly coveted BookBub spot, it finished in sales for the day in 2 categories on Amazon only behind the great Stephen King. I'm hopeful I can beat that and hit #1 with your help.

To show my appreciation, if you purchase an ebook copy of Under Another Sun from any participating outlet (

is the most preferred) and send an email to with a proof (screenshot) of purchase, I'll send you a sneak peek of my current work in progress (still unfinished!)

Thank you for your continued support. I could not do this without wonderful readers like you.

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