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The sun is coming...

It was a long and dark winter.

Sounds like the beginning of a book, but in reality, it was just reality. Winter 2020 was a drag. California locked down again in December, and didn't start opening up again until a few weeks ago.

Even though my writer's block has been severe, and haven't made much progress with Shape of my Heart, I did start a project with a friend of mine to write short stories. It's my first attempt at this, as long form is more my comfort zone. It's been a pleasant surprise, and I've gotten a few good shorts out of it.

But mostly, I am really excited and so very proud to announce that Under Another Sun's audiobook production is now finished, with the help of an amazing narrator named Katrina Medina. She exceeded my expectations and brought not only the book, but each character to life in a bold and captivating way. I can't wait until you hear what the final copy sounds like.

The first time I heard her read one of Ravynn's lines, I had chills!

This was also my first foray into the audiobook world on my own, as the first audiobook, Inside, was handled by my publisher. Inside is now an audible best-seller, and I have every hopes Under Another Sun will be also.

The audition process for the audiobook was so much fun. I had almost forty narrators try out for the book, and must give each and every one of them credit. The dedication and professionalism that goes into that art is just fantastic.

Ultimately, I had it narrowed down to two narrators, though I must admit, the first time I listened to Katrina's audition, I was almost certain she was the one. I hung on a couple of weeks and let the other auditions roll in, until I finally made the perfect decision.

Kat was so easy to work with, and made the process even easier for me. A gave her only a few pointers in the beginning, and she anticipated everything else.

Stay tuned for updates and release date. But for now, listen to a sample:

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