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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

It's actually been quite some time since I've read a Stephen King novel. Strange, I know. But recently I picked up Duma Key.


After a construction accident in which he loses his right arm and his divorce, Edgar Freemantle moves from Minnesota to Florida to begin what his psychiatrist described as a "geographic cure." He rediscovers his love of painting and finds that he is good at it but his paintings seem to have something "more" to them. On Duma Key he also finds a new friendship with Wireman, a kindred spirit seeking refuge there as a caretaker for Elizabeth Eastlake. Elizabeth's past also contains painful memories that have been reawakened bringing all of them together to face an evil entity named Perse.

From the first few paragraphs, I knew I'd enjoy this read. The main character, came to life quickly and easily...

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